I’m not sure about you, but those Heritage Classic jerseys look fabulous. It is so refreshing to see some red on the Jets uniforms.

When the logo and jerseys were released for 2.0 back in 2011, I did my best to like them. The logo is solid. Pretty cool. Certainly a departure, but it has symmetry and a respect to the Canadian Air Force. The uniforms, however, I had trouble with. The double blue was too much Toronto. The Jets were never double blue (you cannot count the slight red in the logo) and blah. But the old-school, Jets 1.0 jerseys look fresh and cool. I’d love to see them in the blue jerseys, too.

On facebook yesterday, someone asked why the Jets wore the white 1.0 jerseys at home. The apparent answer is that the white jerseys were the home jerseys when the Jets were in the NHL, a preference that changed during the 15 years when the Jets were lost in the desert.

Perhaps the Jets make the 1.0 jerseys the official third jersey of Winnipeg so that fans can see them regularly? Sounds like a plan.


The Winnipeg Jets played well enough last night to win last night, and about good enough to win about 5-7 games this year. However, that style of play was good enough to lose about 10-15 games. Winnipeg won and coach Maurice would probably say that was a good game for them. But they played a pretty flat Calgary Flames, a team that is a fair bit better than the Jets right now. If the Jets had played against any number of good teams last night, they wouldn’t have carried two points away. The Jets left so many opportunities on the ice last night through poor passing and poor shooting. Especially poor decisions on two-on-one situations. Scheifele again missed many passes and another shot from right in front of Johnson with less than three minutes to go. Ehlers also missed a lot of passes and shots, and failed to clear with two minutes left when it was an easy clear and literally passed it along the boards right to the Flames’ defenseman for a shot on goal. Not smart hockey. Even Joel Armia missed a shot right in front of the Calgary goal in the third. For insult to injury, the Jets couldn’t get a goal with almost three minutes of empty net at the end of the game and gave Calgary several very good looks. Obviously, good to have the win, but they need to be much better because this style of game loses games more than wins games.