Not a whole lot to say on this one. The Winnipeg Jets took on the Stanley Cup Champions and Sidney Crosby, who unarguably will go down as one of the top 10 players ever in professional hockey, if not top 5, and played them out the entire game.

Let’s be clear: the Jets were a better team on this night and it showed clearly. They out powered, outplayed, out preformed the Pengies. It was the best performance of the year for the Jets on the first game of a four-game road run.

For Jets fans who want hope, please read no more.


The Jets are done this season. The game tonight illustrated what the Jets can do, but also illustrated what they cannot do.  NIcolas Ehlers needs to put the puck in the net and quit dilli-dallying with the puck through three people.

Patrik Laine looked excellent tonight. All around. There has been a switch in him the last two games. Let us hope they hold.

Blake Wheeler, the Winnipeg Captain… well, the hardest worker on the team. He’ll do better, I’m sure, with his next team. There will be teams who may want to trade up for him on March 1. I think some team going for a deep playoff spot will pick him up for a player plus first round. Read it here, folks. He’s a great player, but not playing great enough and not lately.

Connor Hellebuyck played a solid game, except for that one goal that he absolutely should of had. It happens. Other than that, it was solid, solid, solid. Great game for him. I’ll take Pav any day, though. But this was good.

Nic Petan was a force. I see him as a future captain of this team. He has the guts, the fortitude. He’s what you want.

Mark Scheifele? Cost the game in overtime. That’s all I’ll say. Watch the replay, folks. But he is still putting the points up, so, he’s doing something right.

Best game of the year. What fun. Jets played great. Some mistakes, but that’s hockey. Great game.